Add Advanced HA Configuration Option

For this example we have a mac mini host, which is using a single iscsi flash datastore, and a single network uplink. Of course this is not ideal, but depending on your use case this may be a similar route you are taking. Using advanced option configuration you can ignore these warnings:

Looking at host summary you see the errors as following for having HA enable with a single data store, and a single nic (lack of network redundancy)



Select your cluster, right click and go to settings >



On the next page select edit > advanced option



Next input the options you would like, for this example I used das.ignoreInsufficientHbDatastore to ignore the need for 2 datasotres, as well as das.ignoreRedundantNetWarning to ignore the lack of network uplink redundancy. you can either select Add or just click the box.



Once complete you will see the reconfigure cluster in the task bar.



Going back tot he host view we see that the alerts are now gone.




Advanced configuration options for VMware High Availability

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