Uninstall vSphere Replication

There are times when the need to remove the vSphere replication appliance arise. In one case I ran into, myself, and VMware were unable to get a replication appliance back in running order, and the easiest thing to do at the tome was to remove and reinstall the appliance.

Unregister the appliance from vCenter, then power off and delete the replication appliance

  • If not turned on, power on the replication appliance.
  • Stop replications in both directions which can be done by right clicking associated virtual machines and going to “all vSphere replication actions” and selecting “stop”
    • You can also ssh into a host and then run vim-cmd vmsvc/getallvms to list all the vms and their associated vm ids, and then run vim-cmd hbrsvc/vmreplica.disable ID# to stop replication (I haven tried this yet, but saw it on this KB#2106946)
  • Disconnect any connections to other replication locations
  • Connect to the VAMI of the appliance via https://appliance-ip-address:5480

  • From the Configuration tab, click Unregister from vCenter server.

  • In the vSphere Web client, power off and delete the replication appliance.
  • The plug-in should be uninstalled automatically