Check ESXi Host for VMs with Snapshots

I had a customer state that they were having issues with the vms running on a particular host. First glance at vCenter and I saw the warning “no more space for redo logs” in recent tasks. I had seen similar messages before back a few years when running VMwaer data protection (VDP). Here is a quick command to run on a host to see snapshots.

The sample host I ran this on is in my lab, so for examples sake, I created a snapshot on a test vm.

After SSH to host, enter the following:

find /vmfs/volumes -name *-0000[0-9][0-9]*.vmdk

You will see below, the result of the vm named “debian_TestVM_1_static” with delta file

After removal/consolidation, I ran the command again, and no snapshots were found.

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