Objective 4.1: Configure Environment for Network Virtualization

  • Need to know and understand what changes are needed to physical infrastructure  to accommodate NSX
    • MTU routing and peering
      • MTU needs to be 1600 for transport zone
      • configure routing adjacencies for routing on Edge Services Gateway (OSPF, BGP)
      • NSX Design Guide chapters 4.33, 5.3.4


  • Greenfield Environment
    • Configure QoS
    • L2/L3 fabric must be configured to trust the hypervisor for marking
    • Configure LACP
      • LACP or Ether-channel for transport network but only a single VTEP is supported for bonded channel
    • More open options when using a new environment of course


  • Deployment of NSX to Brownfield Environment 


  • IP Address Assignment for NSX Components
    • We can use IP Pools or DHCP to assign address for NSX components
    • DHCP allows config of VTEP on different VLANs whereas IP Pools require the same VLAN or manual config post install
    • Chapter 16 of NSX Admin Guide
      • p.245


  • Minimum vCenter Permissions for NSX



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