Objective 4.3: Upgrade Existing vCNS/NSX Implementation

  • Pre-Reqs for vCloud Network Security upgrade to NSX


  • Sequence of Upgrade Example
    • Upgrade vCNS 5.1 to 5.5
    • upgrade to NSX
    • update clusters to update virtual wires


  • Study Pre-Reqs
    • vShield Manager up[graded to NSX Manager
    • Virtual wires upgraded to NSX logical switches
    • Update clusters in infrastructure
    • pop up message indicates Firewall is ready for upgrade
    • p34 of upgrade guide to see Edge Appliance Upgrade
    • upgrade vshield endpoint to guest introspection
      • this is on p36
    • NSX Data Security does not support a direct upgrade


  • NSX Version Upgrade
    • Back up vCenter and take snapshots
    • Download Upgrade from VMware
    • NSX components must be upgraded in the following order:
      • NSX Manager appliance
      • NSX Controller cluster
      • Host clusters
      • NSX Edge
      • Guest Introspection





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