Update VCSA using VMware vSphere Appliance Management Portal

Go to the appliance management page for your vcenter: https://10.x.x.x:5480, the login is “root” and whatever password you selected.


When you log in you will see the summary page. In this instance we see that the versions now (pre update) is


Here is a look at the version from inside the vCenter itself, showing build number as 5973321

On the left column, select update and then on the right dropdown select updates > Check Repository

The available update will be displayed (as a note, I have created rules to allow the private management network of vsphere to reach out to the internet) Then to the right of the “available updates” you will see install updates > install all updates, to proceed.

Let the updates install, this will be several minutes.


Once the updates are complete go ahead and restart the virtual appliance for your vCenter in whatever way you normally would.


Once the venter and services have restarted, you can log back into the management appliance, and see that the new version is now


And via the web-client, the build is now 7801515.


As a note, on one attempt I had to restart the appliance services after the reboot in order for the 5480/management appliance to show the health status once again. This can be done from SSH into the appliance and run service-control –stop –all   then   service-control –start –all (I had tried to restart the vami-lightp service alone and that didnt work so I just restarted all the service right quick)

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