6.7 Instant Clone – Yep its pretty quick

I figured that it was about time I gave a spin to the new “vmfork” within 6.7. Instant clones are indeed wildly fast, almost to a point of surprising myself just how quick it is. In this first go at it, I am using the managed object browser to clone a 10.13 OSX virtual machine.


Pop into the MOB

In another window I have open the HTML client window for my test vcenter.

content >

root folder >





childEntity vm selection>


Towards the lower half of next page select InstantClone Task>


When you then select this method for instant clone you can change the values. As soon as I hit invoke method and return to the vcenter window, the vm is up and running already. No joke this is very impressive. Next ill try systematically doing this via python 🙂


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