OSX 10.13 with vSphere 6.7

vCenter 6.7a/ESXi 6.7a

Installing OSX 10.13 seemed pretty straight forward on 6.7. Essentially, you mount the ISO as per usual, and the only thing I had to do before starting the installation was to format the disk via terminal.

Once you mount the ISO to the vm (dont forget to select connect at power on) power on the vm and go to console


Select language and hit the arrow to continue, after which you will go to the top menu bar utilities > terminal


run diskutil list and locate the disk that is attached to the vm, in this case mine is disk0


Wipe the disk to remove any start of disk info with dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/disk0 bs=1024 count=1024
Then format the disk so it is visible to the installer with diskutil partitionDisk disk0 GPT JHFS+ "NewDiskName" 0g


Moving forward with installer the disk should now be visible


That newly formatted disk is capable of running APFS on ESXi


VMware formatted disk running APFS


Post Installation VM Running 10.13

Old Post Install OSX 10.13

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