Our VMWorld 2018 Session: Virtualizing macOS at Scale for iOS DevOps



This year was my very first VMworld, as well as my first time participating in a panel session at VMworld. For sure it was a greatly enjoyable time with friends, and colleagues, and also quite a bit to learn. Below is the posted video of the session. Id also encourage everyone, if you think you have something interesting to share to get involved in trying to give a session. There are so many interesting perspectives and awesome value added from consumers of VMware products. Now that I have a feel for it, id honestly like to give it a go again next year!


DevOps practices are taking software development by storm. However, special challenges arise when applying DevOps to iOS and macOS development because these builds have to run on a Mac infrastructure. Some companies pile up Mac minis in a closet but quickly run into challenges with security and scalability. As an alternative, we pioneered the practice of running VMware on Mac hardware to create robust, scalable Mac clouds. Learn about VMware’s infrastructure deployments, best practice configurations, automation tricks using VMware vCenter APIs, and other lessons learned as we deployed some of the largest and most demanding continuous integration setups in the world.


Above Description taken directly from our session information

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