It’s the Little Stuff – Add Multiple Hosts 6.7U1

Hi hi!

Here is the first of many posts, ill call, “Its the little stuff”. These will be small posts about neat little things that I come across that dont really appear to need an in-depth walkthrough. We have several new technicians at the office and will be adding more, some of which have never played with or managed a vcenter.
In this first post, here is a quick look at adding multiple hosts in the HTML5 ui of 6.7U1. At work and in practice we script the addition of host/compute to a vcenter/cluster, but this is a neat add overall.


As per usual, right click and select add hosts to be brought to this menu.


Before this screen you may have to select check boxes to acknowledge the host certificates.

Selecting Finish will then add the multiple hosts


As you place your cursor in the IP address or FQDN box and new line will appear.

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