ESXi on the new 2018 Apple Mac Mini – Its All Fun

Hi Hi

My good friend, who Ill name as “VXLAN King” told me to post our early opening and testing of the new Apple Mac Mini. Setting is release date 7 November 2018. I had picked up two extra units (aside from the massive orders work had already made). Fresh off a flight from the west coast, VXLAN King met me at one of our Atlanta based data centers to rip open these bad boys.


The new darker metal space grey color is a nice touch for sure, with back drop of the thousands of minis.


As per the usual, we killed secure boot and enabled external boot prior to ESXi installation. I first went through the standard setup to enable the administrative account, in order to enter the startup security utility.



VXLAN King taking time out at night to play with some Apple newness and install ESXi.


I was not surprised, but if anything was plugged into the TB3 ports during boot, ESXi was not happy about it. Outside that we have been testing away!



This moment was less directly about the hardware release and more about how many in my company, and im almost certain companies elsewhere have an affinity and love for new technology. My excitement to get ESXi on the minis was shared with others and I think thats really what its all about. Sharing and having fun. So thanks Apple, VMware, for making things fun.


Once we hit our first thousand at work of the new units, Ill definitely take a picture and amend this post.

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