What’s New in vSphere 6.7U2, Announced

VMware has announced the release of vSphere version 6.7 U2, and like other versions previous it brings with it not only security/patch updates but several new feature sets and updates as outlined below. As always the link at the bottom will take you to the official VMware page

DRS – In Maintenance Mode

  • Only available in vSphere Remote Office/Branch Office Enterprise
  • Automatic Host Evacuation
  • Usual vmotion config required

VM Encryption

  • Still requires standard KMIP and functionality and can be managed via user interface or via PowerCLI

Built-In convergence tool

  • Converge from withing the UI now embedded
  • Decomissioning of PSC – Future versions will no longer support it

File based Backup and Restore

  • Newly added protocols NFS and SMB
  • Added Notifications
    • Backup Status
    • Success Events
    • Failure Events
    • Customizable Alarms

vSphere Health

  • More customizable Alarms
  • Health Categories
    • Online Availability
    • Compute
    • Network
    • Storage

Content Library

  • Sync VM templates
    • On prem to on prem
    • On Prem to VMC on AWS

Code Capture

  • Will be found in the vCenter Developer Center
  • Built In API explorer, instead of going to dedicate url page

VMware Tools

  • Driver updates
    vmxnet3 driver available through Windows Update for Windows Server 2016 WDDM driver security fix
    Open Source components glib, openssl and libxml2 receive upgrades
  • VMware Tools 10.3.10 freezes TAR tools for legacy Linux
    No further development for these platforms, all dev efforts to open-vm-tools – Includes support for legacy kernels
    – RHEL 6.x is supported by Red Hat through November 2020
    – Over 50% of our RHEL customers run this version
    – 10.3.10 includes security fixes back-ported into TAR/OSP


  • New GuestOS support for Windows Server 2019 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8
  • AppDefense ?integration for VMware Tools in vSphere Platinum
  • NIAP Certification – pertaining to government use – LOI available
  • New Password Historical/Reuse limits
  • Improvements to SSO events and logging
  • ESXi Cert API improvements
  • CPU Vulnerability Mitigation – New Sibling Scheduler for Enhanced L1TF Mitigation Performance

Official vSphere Blog

-Photos courtesy of VMware

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