It’s the Little Stuff – Enable Active Directory Authentication in vSphere 6.7

At some point you may need to add centralized domain login to your vcenter for authentication. Here is a quick run down of how to do so, below.

After logging into your vCenter go ahead and go to the top menu and select Menu > Administration

Next, select single sign on > configuration

From the top menu select Active directory domain

Add the pertinent AD information and select join

You should then see that your vcenter node has been added to the domain and will now requite a reboot.

You can reboot the vcenter from CLI or since you are in this gui context, you can, on the left hand bar, select deployment > system configuration > reboot node

Once the vcenter and services has come back online you can go back to menu > administration > single sign on > configuration, and see that AD is listed

Now from the top menu context, select identity sources > Add identity source

Select Identity source, domain name, and “use machine account” and then ADD

From the left menu we now jump up to Access Control > Global Permissions to allow our users access to the vCenter
Change user to your domain, and next to the magnifying glass/lookup select the group or user you want to add. If its a group like what im doing in my lab example, select propagate to children or the group users wont have permissions on the vcenter.
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