Installation of vRealize Network Insight Platform and Proxy

We ran into an issue trying to create some good micro-segmentation rules for NSX, how locked down does the customer need, what traffic are they passing east west now, etc. After a little research stumbled upon Network Insight. This neat product is capable of capturing netflows and giving insight into ones environments, as well as captures from physical firewalls and a whole slew of Cisco top of rack equipment including but not limited to 9ks. I end up deploying the following with VMware vRealize Network Insight 4.2.0, which has quite the range of vsphere interoperability.

Quick shot of the ever handy interoperability matrix, showing 4.2.0 against hypervisor versions back to 6.0. I ended up deploying this to a 6.5 environment instead of my main 6.7 lab.

When you go to your myVMware account, to get the images make sure to get both the platform as well as the proxy.

For deployment, you will be starting with the platform.ova. Since the majority of the deployment is your standard clicks for an ova, I haven’t added screenshots in. Only thing of note, is when you get to the step to customize the image, you will see that the configuration actually will happen via the console fo the virtual appliance.


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