It’s the Little Stuff – Notes on Cisco UCS Backups

  • Backup Procedures
    • Take snapshots of the system configuration
    • Export file to local device pre-config change
    • Export to network store on regular basis
  • UCS Backup Types
    • Full state capture
      • Full binary backup of the data base
      • All configuration captured
      • All run states and statuses
      • WHEN: Perfect for UCSM upgrade coverage
      • Restore Point: From an initial system startup
      • File: compressed file in .tar.gz format
      • NOTE: Must be using the same versioned hardware as the backup taken
    • All config capture
      • Covers all the below configs
    • System config capture
      • Authentication, authorization , Accounting (AAA), 
      • Local user db
    • Logical config capture
      • Service profiles, service templates, templates, vlan config, vsan config , organizations, and locales
    • File: XML format
    • NOTE: can be edited, can be used to create templates for new domain turn ups; No run time data is captured
  • UCS Import Types
    • Full State – on a new set of FI 
    • Merge – compare current state and will overwrite any conflicts
    • Replace – full replacement of the configured data
  • Backup Policy
    • Full-State
      • full snapshot of entire system
      • RPO, daily, weekly, bi-weekly
    • All Config
      • All system and logical configs
      • RPO, daily, weekly, bi-weekly

Notes from my training course for UCS.


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