2020 – New Year, New Start, New Fun

Well 2020 has been going pretty good so far. I’ve got a good list of things to accomplish this year, from a larger NSX-T deployment, ACI build-out, a few UCS deployments, as well as some ansible and python. Ive also started organizing my notes now as well, which is something I had been meaning to do, which should help get some more articles out this year, as I push on through.

I am looking forward to a few classes ill be going through this year, mainly the Cisco DevNet Associate course, as well as vRealize Automation (8) when that is finally on the schedule.

Robb Boyd from TechwiseTV had myself and members of the MacStadium team on his podcast to have a quick chat about our services, as well as some of the technology around what makes MacStadium run. Link below:

Click above to go to the podcast archive

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