Installing Cisco UCS PowerTool

This is is just a quick rundown of installing the UCS PowerTool. Interestingly enough, ive only now been playing with this, as ive spent the last few months focused on python and ansible.

For the first step, find your way over to and login with your CCO account.

Do a quick search for “cisco ucs man”

Select UCS Management – Partner Ecosystem

Select UCS PowerTool

The latest version was dated 17 Jan 2019, go ahead and download it.

Follow the standard Windows prompts for installation.

Once installation is complete, go to a powershell or windows terminal prompt and do a check to make sure it installed properly. Run Get-Module Cisco* -ListAvailable and you should get something similar to above.

A quick little test is connecting to a UCS manager instance as above by running Connect-UCS.
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