It’s the Little Stuff – Visual Studio Code Extensions

Over the course of this year, I have been getting more into things like ansible, automation, studying for DEVNET associate, and a few other things πŸ™‚ Digging a bit more into using python, I have come to appreciate/enjoy visual studio code as my editor of choice for writing scripts. In VS code, there are extensions which, as the name suggests, add or extend new features to VS code. With extensions I can add productivity, themes and other items that help expedite scripting. Here are some of the extensions that I have been making use of recently.

I generally install the extensions from the left side menu (reachable directly via ctrl+shift+x shortcut) of VS code. from there you can search for extensions by name or keywords etc. When you select an extension it will give you the option to install it. If you are using windows subsystems for Linux that is also shown as an install point, outside of the local machine.
Playbook support. Supports running playbooks from containers, local, cloudshell and a few other niceties.
Can bookmark lines of code and jump right to it πŸ™‚
This one matches bracket colors for easy identification. Can be customized.
Select a block of code and execute that snippet
Can create customizable docstring, which can also be stepped through
For me, a must have, colors indentations
Ai supported auto completion
Once you create a python file, VS code will ask you if you want to install this. Chock full of tools for working with python.
Adds nice icons to the left side file explorer

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