It’s the Little Stuff – Checking Active Directory Attributes to Match up for Use in Workspace One Access

In the course of setting up workspace one access to connect to Microsoft active directory you will come across the screen asking you to confirm the mapping of user attributes to their associated attribute name within active directory. Here’s a really quick look on how to confirm those attributes. Below the first picture you will see is from workspace one access.

From server manager on the active directory server, assuming you have the user interface installed, go to tools then ADSI edit.

From the newly opened editor branch down the tree to whatever organizational unit pertains to what is being added to workspace one access. In this case I am looking at the organizational unit for skunk lab.

After selecting the organizational unit, select the common object you want to reference, or choose one as an example in order to do your check. Right-click the object and select properties.

Below you can see I’ve scroll down to SN or surname attribute in order to confirm that the last name attribute and workspace one access should be mapped to SN attribute from active directory.

Just as a quick note while you are in ADSI edit you of course can see the distinguished name of any object or group. You will need this type of information as well when deploying/and configuring workspace one access. As seen below next to distinguished name you can double-click and get all the necessary information for that particular attribute..

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