Its the Little Stuff – Disable/Remove default Port Channel from UCS VIC 1457 on UCS-C

Recently at work we got quite a few new UCSC M5 servers that had the VIC 1457 card in them. For what we were trying to do we wanted to break out the ports on the adapter instead of utilizing the default port channel. Here is a quick run through of doing so. Below you can see I have logged into the CIMC and currently looking at the virtual NICs. From this view as an example I’ve gone ahead and made an attempt to add a VNIC.

As a default when I go to the uplink port drop down even though the adapter physically has four ports you can see that the uplink port is only showing to this is because by default it is set up in port channel.

It’s actually very quick easy and straightforward to break this port-channel. All this is assuming you have already configured the management IP address on your host. I have SSH into the CIMC and I am at the prompt below.

From there let’s change scope. First we switch to “scope chassis” then scope of the card with “scope adapter MLOM”.

if you type “show” from this scope context you will see the information pertaining to the aforementioned card.

Running “show detail” we see “PORT CHANNEL: Enabled”

Simply to disable we now run ” set portchannel disabled”, “Y” to continue, note that all current configs are lost on the vnics, and to finalize we type and enter “commit”.

To complete the changes above we simply need to power cycle the host.

Once the house is in power cycled and we go back to the VNIC configuration page we now see that we have 4 VNICs, and there are also 4 associated uplink ports.

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